Immigration to Poland (business, work, study etc.)
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Who we are and how we can help you?
We are the top immigration law firm in Poland. Our mission is to provide the best immigration law services in Poland for different types of clients. Our team has only lawyers and paralegals with a degree in law.

We are working with the most complicated cases and we can provide you the best legal services in Poland.We are the top immigration law firm and legal experts in the polish immigration law. With our help most of our clients get a immigration or visa status for work, study and residence permit in Poland.

We provide services mainly in immigration area, business consulting, property purchasing (rent or buy), also we help our clients in other legal and non-legal issues.

We are part of a group of companies based in Poland, UK, Germany and Russia.

For companies from the IT sector we provide IT consulting and relocation services.

We will be happy to help you!

Our working methods
Find a best solution for client!
Our lawyers always use a complex solutions for your best. We don't know answer: "no"! We're always trying to find alternative approaches to solve your legal issues.
All your issues we'll get to our side!
With our help you'll free to do your main activity and don't think about any polish law and bureaucracy procedure. You won't waste you time and power to solve your problems in Poland. Also we'll complete your case without any mistakes and finish your case as soon as possible.
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