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Permanent residence of a European Union citizen in Poland

Where and when to submit an application

The application for document confirming the right of permanent residence should be submitted in person to the voivode competent for the EU citizen's place of residence. The requirement of personal submission does not apply to a minor.

Required documents:

  1. A completed application form for issuance of the document confirming the right of permanent residence of an UE citizen;
  2. 5 photographs;
  3. A valid travel document or other valid document confirming his/her identity (original available for inspection).
    Note: In the case of lack of any of the above listed documents an alien will be asked to supplement it within 7 days of receipt of the call under pain of leaving the application without consideration.
  4. Documents stating the reasons for breaks in residence, if there were any.
  5. Documents confirming the 5-year continuous residence in Polish territory.
Note: In case of the need for explanation or clarification of the evidence in the case, which are in possession by the governmental body during the proceedings, the alien may be requested to provide additional documents or to give evidence of the circumstances referred to in the application.

Required Fees

There is no fee for an issuance of document confirming the right of permanent residence.

Stamp duty for filing the power of attorney – PLN 17.00

Processing time

The case is handled immediately.

Information about the issued document

In the course of a receipt of the document confirming the right of permanent residence there is a requirement of presenting confirming the identity. If the document will be received by the applicant's attorney there is also a need to present the power of attorney to receive thereof.

Other questions

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How to get our sirvices?

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